Last night, VH1 aired part 2 of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘ reunion show, which ended in K Michelle performing her single “VSOP” and Mona Scott announcing that would no long be part of the Atlanta cast.


Speaking of the reunion show, it was definitely some unspoken tension between her and Mimi and I’m assuming it was because of the song K Michelle recorded and dedicated her prior to the reunion show airing.

The producers decided to ruffle Mimi’s feathers by showing her a clip of K Michelle singing about her boyfriend Niko down-low relationship with his roommate Johnny, and calling her fool.

First it was Stevie number 1 /then came Stevie number 2/Mimi always blaming me for the shit she’s goes through/ Cause he don’t want you cause he likes Johnny/but when I tell her she looks at me funny/Mimi you look like such a fool, loving a man that don’t love you.


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  1. K Michelle had to go out with a bang, and sadly K Michelle is not lying. I mean Stevie J and now Niko with a roommate.

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