K. Michelle knows how to get under peoples skin. You come for her and she’s like an energizer bunny… The chyc just keeps going and going and going… I guess Ashley Weatherspoon who is the baby mama of K’s ex J. R. Smith she is also the assistant to rapper Fabolous. Ashley is now feeling the K. Michelle rift. K. Michelle took to social media and put her on blast. K Michelle posted the girls phone number… wow!!


The reality star reportedly got into a heated argument with Ashley over the phone Saturday night. Ashley allegedly called K. Michelle over New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith.

After the alleged phone conversation, K. Michelle went on Twitter and posted the message, “Don’t call me confronting me about your man if you don’t have a job. U should be calling Manpower, fire crotch!”

K. Michelle made sure she tagged Ashley in the message (@isthather). She encouraged her followers to call her (T(hat)H(oe)O(ver)T(here).




It went on so bad that Ashley deleted her Twitter and made her Instagram private.

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