Juvenile opens up about resigning to Cash Money, the label he left years ago after complaints about not getting the coinage he deserved. In another interview, 50 Cent gets candid about his strained relationship with his eldest son Marquise, his ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox and his thoughts about “Empire.” Get it all inside….

They say time heals all wounds. And that seems to be true when it comes to New Orleans rapper Juvenile and his former label Cash Money.

Juvenile, one of the original members of the Cash Money Millionaires, has decided to return home to the label that catapulted his career after an extremely messy break up. You’ll recall, Juvie decided to leave Cash Money after complaints about not getting paid the money he thought he deserved.

Since then, Juvie has released diss tracks (blasting Lil Wayne & Cash Money on “A Hoe” track), signed with another label (Atlantic), and now he’s back to the place where it all started.

So….how did Juvie reunite with Cash Money? He told The Breakfast Club today,

“We worked it out. They cut the check. You know the saying, I let you play me two times, shame on me.”

The almost 40-year-old rapper (who celebrates a birthday this month) said he re-signed with Cash Money because he wanted to retire from rap where it all started. Then, he explained he wasn’t as mad about the money, but more so, he felt betrayed because he looked at Birdman and the rest of Cash Money as his family.

The Cash Money artist also weighed in a bit about the legal drama that’s currently brewing between Lil Wayne and Birdman/Cash Money. He said,

“I just stay out the way. It ain’t my position to give advice. I’m going to stay out of that. They was rocking together tough and tight for some years, so it gotta be something they can work out.”

Juvie also talked about a “beef” he had with rapper 50 Cent. If you didn’t know, Juvie and Young Buck (who was a part of G-Unit) became cool with one another and Juvie eventually wanted to sign him. Buck ended up deciding to stick with 50 and told the G-Unit general that Juvie was gunning to sign another one of his artists, Lloyd Banks. When asked about it, he said, “That’s what Young Buck told him. That ain’t true. That’s what the dispute was about. He thought I wanted to sign Lloyd Banks, but I didn’t even have a deal at the time.”

He also dished on No Limit Records and Cash Money Records “beef” from back in the day, his son entering the rap game, his conspiracy theories on Hurricane Katrina and more.

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In another interview….

50 Cent and his G-Unit crew stopped by Power 105 to promote their new joint album The Beast Is G-Unit. And while chopping it up with host Angie Martinez, 50 dropped a few gems about his strained relationship with his eldest son Marquise, his ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox who recently called him the love of her life, recent domestic violence allegations by a former lover and how he feels about the hit FOX series “Empire.”

Below are the highlights:

On 50’s current relationship with son Marquise:
“I don’t speak to him…..with him that situation is so complex…over time [Marquise’s mother] has instilled her entitlement……I don’t understand it to be honest with you.”

On his ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox calling him the “love of her life”:
“I saw that, I was like wow….it’s interesting. Women have the ability to be more advanced than men emotionally.”

On domestic violence accusations brought on by former flame Tatted Up Holly:

“When dealing with people who don’t necessarily have the same lifestyle, it’s such a huge adjustment, that when it’s not working anymore, you’re hurting me…..and they’ll turn.”

On his thoughts about “Empire”:
“I’ve seen it three times…It’s like Glee. I like the people on it. I have friends there, Terrance Howard there. I like Taraji’s work.”

Also in the interview, the “POWER” producer talks about the $700k modeling gig his youngest son Sire nabbed, his new EFFEN vodka and more.

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Speaking of “Empire”…..

The hip hopera is still SLAYING television ratings. According to Deadline, last night’s (ninth) episode of “Empire” garnered 14.2 million total viewers! That’s a 2% rise from last week, making it the biggest growth spurt for a new broadcast series in a decade. And it’s making history as the only show to grow this many consecutive weeks.

The hit FOX series is up 50% in young adults since its premiere and it has become the highest Live+same day demo rating for any regular broadcast drama in over five years. Wow!

With just two episodes left, it’s clear “Empire” is indeed here to stay.

Photos: Juvie’s IG/50’s IG

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