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Oh, hey there Jussie Smollett. The “Empire” star is serving up moldering looks for the cover and spread of BLEU magazine. We’ve got the pics inside…

We love us some Jussie Smollett around these parts. In his new BLEU magazine cover story he talks about “Empire” being like a coming out party, his whirlwind come-up. his actor-filled family, and more.

With a fashion editorial that is one of his most dapper spreads to date, Jussie said in his interview (that took place right after a Calvin Klein fitting for an upcoming promo appearance)”

“DarIing, I’m ‘sample size,’ so let me wear the runway outfit.”


Check out a few more highlights from FOX’s newest golden boy:

On working with Terrence Howard

The scenes with Terrence and I are most intense; they’re also draining. But at the same time, I trust him with my soul.

On Episode 8 where his character changed the lyrics to Lucious Lyon’s song

“Every time I did that scene it was like coming out again and again and again. Right before shooting that scene I felt very nervous, as if somehow things would never be the same–and they weren’t, yet they were. It’s the same feeling that I had when I did Ellen. It was a little bit scary, but it was freeing. The fan response that I’ve gotten from that scene has been next level to me.”

On his journey in Hollywood

“It’s been a lesson in patience and hard work. I never had a plan B. I know how to do other things. I always held down a job. I always made sure, as a Black man, that I was responsible for mine. That was always something super important to me and was something instilled in me by my mother–to be a hard working man, a hard working human being.”

On keeping faith

“In those moments it’s so hard to continue in your stride when you feel like no one is listening. That is the test. How much do you really want it and how long are you going to stay at it until you get it. Just have faith and pray about it–and work hard. Don’t just sit and pray and not do anything, because God helps those who help themselves. Don’t just work and not pray. Believe in something – whether it’s the universe, your God or Janet Jackson. Whatever you believe in, believe in it fully and know that it’s going to be all right.”

On his family upbringing with a black mother and Jewish father and a talented family

“My life kind of prepared me for Jamal, because I am the middle son in real life. I am a singer. I have experienced the same issues that Jamal has dealt with in his life except my Momma wasn’t in jail for 17 years and my Daddy wasn’t a billionaire. [Laughs] That’s the great thing about playing Jamal.”

Ceck out more pics below and read the full story HERE.


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Photos: Cliff Watts for BLEU

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