has learned Scandal” star Columbus Short is being allowed to return to his home — after being banned from the premises for allegedly threatening to kill his wife — but he won’t have time to get comfortable … a judge is giving Short just 2 hours at home to get his stuff … and get out.


Short appeared in court earlier today to request the judge allow him to move back into the home he shares with his estranged wife Tanee Short. However, the judge denied the request and told him he could go back to the home next week for only two hours with his attorney to collect his things.

Tanee Short obtained a restraining order against her husband after a huge blowout fight between the couple. Tanee claims during the fight, Columbus pinned her down, choked her and threatened to stab her if she didn’t admit to cheating on him. Tanee Short also alleged the actor placed a knife to her throat and told her he would kill her and himself. Since the incident, Tanee has filed for divorce and is seeking full custody of their two-year-old daughter.


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