#Roommates, get into this interesting story! A Manhattan judge granted a 24-year-old Texas boy’s request to have bone fragments belonging to a 9/11 victim tested so he can see if the late Michael Morgan Taylor is his dad. If it is his dad, then Rutherford Colby could be awarded his $1 million estate! What would you do?

According to the NY Post, Manhattan Surrogate’s Court Judge Rita Mella ordered the Medical Examiner to release the DNA sample from its department to Colby, despite the plea from the late Taylor’s family.
Taylor’s sister Mary Kay Crenshaw, 55, said the DNA test would just be a further desecration of her brother’s remains and a “reopening of her own emotional wounds.”

What’s interesting about this is that Mary did confirm that her brother was messing around with Colby’s mother, who goes by Lady Gwen de Ashborough, but was admannt that he didn’t knock her up. Colby’s mother’s real name is Gwendolyn D. Phillips, 57, but she goes by that name because she claims to be a “world-champion polo player” who received the title from the United Kingdom’s royal family!

Phillips, who is African American, claims her former boo, who was white, was ashamed that their child was biracial.

“Don’t allow racial divide nor financial neglect and mistakes to keep you from correcting a very serious wrong at the expense of your grandson,” Phillips wrote in a letter to Taylor’s family.

The story gets even more interesting because Taylor’s name is on Colby’s birth certificate! Some may say they are after the money but she had filed a child-support case against him before he died and it was pending.

Phillips and Colby waited all the way until 2014 to decide to “claim paternity.” Taylor’s sister claims that Phillips and her son are trying “to extort funds from [his] family.”

The judge saw it a completely different way.

“On cross-examination significant questions were raised as to Philips’ general credibility,” she wrote. “Phillips’ claim that decedent is Colby’s father, however, remained consistent: She made this claim at the time of Colby’s birth, when she filed the paternity and support petition and throughout the course of the litigation in this court,” she continued.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out!

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