The latest tea in the Kendrick Johnson case is bitter. According to multiple reports, Kendrick’s parents were ordered by a judge to pay nearly $300,000 in legal fees to the people they accused in the lawsuit they ended up dropping down the line.

If your memory needs refreshed, Kendrick was found rolled-up in a gym mat. It was later described as a freak accident; but his parents were adamant that it was a murder. The $100M civil suit they dropped was against two of Kendrick’s schoolmates.

Now, all 39 sued defendants asked the judge to make the parents reimburse their court costs and attorney fees.


Their wish was granted. They now owe $292,105.

‘Their testimony shows that they had no evidence to support their claims that the (brothers) killed Johnson or that any of the other defendants engaged in a conspiracy to conceal the cause or manner of Johnson’s death,” Judge Porter writes.

That number sounds good but according to reports Kendrick’s parents weren’t working at jobs that would support that type of fee.

Stay tuned for further details!

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