Paula Deen has had a bitter sweet victory today as the Judge drops all claims in the Racial Discrimination charge imposed on her by an ex- employee.


The  racial discrimination charges have come to an end after a  federal judge in Georgia dropped those charges against the former Food Network  cooking star.  The lawsuit was brought against Paula  Deen by a former manager of her Savannah restaurant. The case led to  accusations of racism after Deen admitted to making racial slurs many years  prior.   Although the charges have been dropped, Paula Deen has been ruined and has her reputation tarnished.


In his decision Judge Moore Jr. says Jackson, who is white, has no standing to  sue for race discrimination.  Does this mean Paula Deen is innocent or does this mean she was sued by someone that was not the right color? The former manager still has her sexual harrasment charges still pending against Deens brother.


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