Looks likes your girl Joseline Hernandez has been put on blast by Jade McFadden.   Jaden tells my boy over at Gossipwelove about the real deal on Ms. Joseline. Jade reveals how “Love and Hiphop Atlanta” changes Joseline’s personality.


During the interview, Jade tells GWL that on the first season of the VH1 hit show, Joseline created quite a buzz after she was spotted sporting a huge diamond engagement ring– hinting the ring was bought by her former manager Stevie J. and failed to tell fans that the ring was actually paid for by her ex-boyfriend Keith McFadden (who is the CEO of BTB “Break the Bank” Music Group, which was signed to Universal).

Check out the full interview below:
How long have you been in the PR business and how long were you a PR rep for Joseline:

“I would say about 1 year. I’ve done PR/Marketing/Promotions for Joseline since the first season of LHHATL. Joseline is my brother, Keith McFadden’s (CEO of BTB Music Group, which was signed to Universal) ex-girlfriend of about 5 years.

So, I was doing PR/Marketing and promoting before I met Joseline in 2009.”

How would you describe Joseline including her personality:

“Feisty, Spicy, Afro-Puerto Rican Diva. Joseline pre-LHHATL seemed a little bit more down-to-earth”

We all know that Joseline is sorta controversial and because you were her PR rep, do you feel she was responsible for releasing a nude pic of herself to prove a point or was it just to get some publicity?

“Me & Jos used to be super close, she would always call me her little sis. We’re not as close as we used to be because things have changed. We really haven’t spoken since last year. That’s life though! People change, things change…so, hey…

I think she did it to prove a point, however, I had no clue she would release that nude picture.”

Earlier you mentioned that she used to date your brother, do you know if the break up was because of Stevie J?

“No, it wasn’t because of Stevie J. It was because of something else, which at this time, I can’t speak on. (Legal Matters)”

Okay I understand, and i’m guessing that the legal issue caused you both to go your separate ways? …..And were they ever engaged?

“I will tell you this though, the diamond ring that Joseline wears is a ring that my brother bought her for Christmas in 2009. This is a fact. She showed me at my parents house when she came home with my brother for Christmas.

She has worn that ring on almost every single episode of LHHATL. She wears it to events and flaunts it around with Stevie J, as if Stevie J had bought it for her “Publicity Stunt” & people thought that they were engaged. Smh.

She then added:

And no, she & my brother were not engaged at the time. Also, you see how on the reunion they didn’t mention the ring? That’s because she knows that I know the real truth. Maybe she asked Mona not to mention the ring, I’m not sure.

Wow, I thought Stevie had bought her that ring too. Thanks for clearing that up!

“Exactly, Stevie did NOT buy her that ring, that’s why I wanted to clear it up too. Joseline also had or have a tattoo of my brother’s name with BTB tattooed on her back.”

So did you knew that she was a stripper and spoke highly about it? And was she stripping while she was with your brother?

I’m not going to say anything negative about Jos, but I’m am going to be truthful. I remember when I first met Jos, we hung out a little, talked, & she cooked a little at my dad’s house. She loves to make egg whites.lol Like, that episode on LHHATL, when she cooked at her house.

Yes, I knew she was a stripper, but I didn’t find out until after I met her for the first time. I googled her name, but I googled her alias name “Shenellica“.

I do remember a time, where she asked me to hang out & visit her in ATL & she would joke around and ask me if I wanted to go to a strip club, because I had never been to one, & I don’t think I ever will.lol I’m a bit reserved.

Joseline was part owner of a clothing store so I researched. I’m a fashion stylist & she was into fashion also. But in any event, I like to research any woman my brother dates because I’m very protective of my brothers.

On the show we saw Joseline and Stevie’s baby mama Mimi Faust locked in a love triangle. Have you ever known Joseline to be the type to sleep with another person’s man and be blunt about it?

“Well, I didn’t think Jos was that type of person, but I do know that she’s had a tough childhood, so she’s all about her money!”

Do you knew that Joseline was Bi-sexual:

“No, I didn’t even know she was a so-called “Bi-sexuall” until the show.”

And do you feel Joseline has changed since she started dating Stevie J and joined Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta?”

Yes, I do feel as though she’s changed. I’ll be honest, my mouth dropped after I saw the first episode. I was speechless! I was like that is not my sis “Jos”! She was different. She seemed a little bit “Extra” Cha-Cha on 1000! Smh

But do you think Joseline is still dating stevie J, because she recently announced that their over (AGAIN) and keeps calling him gay on Twitter. Do you think Stevie is also Bi?

“I don’t know Stevie J personally, but this is why I think you shouldn’t date your client. Business & pleasure doesn’t mix very well, clearly.

Jos & Stevie are always going back & forth. Joseline may or may not get back on Stevie’s bus again, but she knows that Stevie has connections in the industry, so she’ll probably stick around.”

Do you feel you’ll ever work with her again?

Maybe sometime in the near future. We’ll see ;-). I hope we can get back to how we used to be, but if not, I hope she gets back to the old Jos (Be honest, loyal, & humble). I’ve been asked to do a couple of different tv projects, so who knows. Never say never.

Jade then chatted about Joseline’s red fur coat and the upcoming season two of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”:

I think this upcoming season will be crazy. Let’s see how much is true & how much is false!

Also, that fur jacket that Jos mentioned or as she calls it “Furrer” lol… She already had that jacket before she was with Stevie. She had that when she & my brother were living together. Stevie, from what was said, didn’t have much money then.

Plus, Jade tells us that the 26 year-old reality star and aspiring singer moved to the US from Puerto Rico when she was younger, and lived in Miami with Keith before moving to Dallas then Atlanta.
On if there is anything you want to add:

No, I don’t think so. I just want people to know that they shouldn’t always believe everything on tv. The truth will set you free and also, one more thing, documentation beats conversation 😉 I know the truth, have the truth, & speak the truth. I’m known as the “Little, Sweet, Southern, Pint-Sized Fireball”…that’s exactly what I am. (barely 4 ft 11)

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