We’re sending our thoughts and prayers to Jordin Sparks. We’re sad to report that her 16-year-old step sister Bryanna Jackson-Frias passed away Tuesday evening. According to People, she died from complications of sickle cell anemia.

“Bry went peacefully to Heaven,” Jordin Sparks’s mom, Jodi Jackson, wrote on Facebook. “I can’t help to think that she’s smiling just like this. Thank you all for your prayers.”

Jordin recently asked for prayers on her IG story. “Please keep my little sister, Bryanna, in your prayers,” the singer wrote. “She’s suffering from complications from sickle cell and is in the ICU fighting for her life.”

#Roommates, let’s keep the family lifted during this difficult time.

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E. @myeisha.essex

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