R&B soul singer John Legend covers the July issue of Uptown Magazine


In the interview with Isoul H. Harris, John speaks about what it is like to live out his personal life under constant media and internet scrutiny, his childhood, what he hopes to accomplish with his music, and more.

Check out some excerpts below:

On new album “Love In The Future”:

Part of [Love in the Future] is purely autobiographical. So, in the literal sense, I am beginning a new journey. I am getting married and starting a family, hopefully. It is about embracing that future with optimism and hope and knowing that it’s going to be an interesting journey.

On his relationship with model and Twitter badass Chrissy Teigen:

[Chrissy Teigen and I] got engaged in 2011 and we are getting married later this year. I am looking forward to having kids and growing old together. That’s why we are doing it, because we intend to stay together forever … She is beautiful, smart, and hilarious. She has a great heart and we have great chemistry.

On how he handles being in the spotlight and keeping his relationship out of the BS:

I am just not bothered by random gossip that keeps Twitter and the Internet going. I know why it’s done: People need stuff to post on their blogs. Let them have at it. You can’t allow those things to define you and who you are. When you’re 34 and you have been in this business for a while, you don’t allow blogs and gossip to define you.

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