On Tuesday, Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon won his 1000th game as a big league skipper, and to celebrate, his Respect 90 foundation made an impressive donation in his honor.

According to a tweet sent by the organization on Wednesday morning, the foundation donated 1000 meals to a pair of Salvation Army shelters, with the Evangeline Booth Lodge shelter in Chicago and the Sallie House in Tampa Bay each receiving the donations:

The Salvation Army branch in Chicago quickly responded to Maddon’s foundation, thanking them for the donation:

According to the organization’s website, the Evangeline Booth Lodge shelter is a “haven for women and men with children, along with married couples with children suddenly becoming homeless because of eviction, disasters such as a fire or flood, loss of utilities, domestic violence, being stranded while traveling or other crises.” 

Published at 12:51 PM CDT on May 17, 2017


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