My boy Joakim Noah from the Chicago Bulls doesn’t bite his tongue at all!! After the Bulls went down in flames in game 5, Noah had this to say about the “Hollywood as hell” Miami Heat.  Actress Gabrielle Union defends the Miami Heat against Joakim Noah assertion that the Heat are a Hollywood Team. I have to say, I agree with Joakim, and not because I’m from Chicago. Gabby said, he stay’s available for all interviews, well correct me if I’m wrong, but players are interviewed after a game/press conference right….that’s not staying available.  Well  I’m still a Bulls fan, and will always be one!

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  1. Im still down with my Bulls… and i dont care what nobody says or thinks.. GO BULLS .. GO D ROSE.. later for the Miami Heat and Lebron and D wade and Gabby too,, if she wants some!

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