#Roommates if you remember back in June, #JimJones was busted in Georgia after a police chase! Once the car stopped Police reportedly found 2 guns, marijuana, oxycodone, percoet pills and vape cartridges.

Though he was arrested and shortly released on $7K bail, it seems that was just the beginning of what was coming up #Roommates.

According to legal documents obtained by @TMZ_TV, Jim Jones is now reportedly facing 5 felonies in connection to his arrest. Apparently the rapper’s been hit with 3 different counts of possession of a controlled substance and 2 counts of possession of a firearm.

Along with those charges Jimmy was also charged with an additional 6th count of possession of marijuana but because it was less than an ounce, the charge will be classified as a misdemeanor.

If ocnvicted, Jim could be facing decades in prison. Lets hope he can get his situation straightened out because it seems he was preparing for a musical comeback with the rest of his former Dipset band members (minus Camron).


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