Fantasia was on the cover of Jet recently and after the issue was released she threw a piss-fit saying how she didn’t like the final image they chose. I mean the article was good and Fanny was able to express herself and speak up but, now she’s pissst…. HMMMM — I say, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Fantasia posted:

TThis saddens Me!!! It is clear that this picture is 10 Years Old and JET Magazine puts it on the Cover!! After I send them the NEW LOOK AND DIRECTION. . SAD!!! I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM JET. Now im not sure if the interview is correct. SEE!! America they and use me as they crash Dummy BUT NO MORE. IF I DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING ILL FALL FOR ANYTHING.


Well, Jet responded to her madness. Here’s what the mag had to say….

Statement from Mitzi Miller, Editor in Chief, JET (Friday, February 22, 2013):

“JET magazine is honored to have Fantasia grace the cover of its March issue.

It is unfortunate that Fantasia is displeased with the cover selection, however JET stands by its decision. As standard editorial practice, JET consulted with Fantasia’s team, but reserves the right to select the image we deem as most appropriate for JET’s brand and reflective of the cover story sentiment.

JET continues to root for Fantasia’s success and encourages her fans to pick up the new issue.”

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