#Roommates, #JessieWilliams and his ex-wife #ArynDrakeLee are still involved in a custody battle that seems to be never ending. The latest development is Aryn is now reportedly seeking nearly $1M  in back support according to @Blast!


As of now, according to court documents Aryn is receiving $100K a month from Jessie for spousal support and custody of the two children they share together. Though both Aryn and Jessie share legal custody of the kids, Aryn alleges Jessie often misses his scheduled visits and then demands rescheduling time throwing off her entire schedule.


In the court documents she notes that she was a former real estate agent who quit working to dedicate her life to helping Jessie pursue his acting career. Jessie has made several attempts to lower his $100K payment but the judge presiding over their divorce has shut that down completely!


As you know Jessie is still on #GreysAnatomy and reportedly makes $521K a month. #Roommates, do you think Aryn is getting money she’s owed or just doing the most?! Let us know!


Source: https://theblast.com/greys-anatomy-jesse-williams-back-support/


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