Fulton County Superior Court Judge Margaret Dorsey told the Grammy-winning producer in March to pay $2,500 a month and an additional $7,500 to Sarai Jones, Jones worked as a stripper under the name “Obsession”   In addition to allegedly owing child support, last week, Dupri’s mansion was up for foreclosure and set to be auctioned last week, but the sale was canceled. According to a source close to Dupri, the diminutive producer often hid Sarai (and her stripper friends) in the back room of his Atlanta recording studio while Janet visited with him in the main studio. Friends say that Janet knew Jermaine was spending her money on strippers (and she even participated in ménage à trois with them), but her attitude at the time was, “whatever makes him happy.”

Jermaine’s world began to unravel quickly when Jackson learned of Sarai’s pregnancy and ended her relationship with Dupri before moving back to California.

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