Singer Jeremih had drinks, and even a bottle, thrown at him as he attempted to perform his single “Down on Me.” The crowd realized that he was lip-syncing and proceeded to pelt him. So many items were thrown that the singer had to exit the stage and cancel the performance. TMZ reports.

It all went down at Clayton’s Bar and Grill on South Padre Island, the crowd was already pissed because Jeremih was two hours late to the show and when they discovered he wasn’t even singing, they went crazy.

Jeremih opened his set by “singing” his song “Down on Me” he barely got started before the crowd drowned him out with boo’s and someone tossed a bottle.

Jeremih called it quits and walked off the offstage.

Oh, and what topped it off…the bar wasn’t refunding the crowds their $30 back.

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