Jennifer Lopez could end up $40 million out of pocket over a concert that she subsequently cancelled, and she’s set to pay the price, HEAVILY. The songstress is now facing a $40 million lawsuit for scrapping a controversial show in Cyprus. She was scheduled to perform at the opening of new hotel complex Cratos Premium in the Turkish Cypriot. This was part of the popular tourist destination on July 24th, the same day as the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of the European island. J.Lo’s choice to play the gig was heavily blasted by officials at the Cyprus Action Network of America.

The chief executive of the Turkish company which runs the hotel is now threatening to go to court to claim damages of up to $40 million. Boss Murat Bozoglu says: “The contract has not been terminated. If she does not show up for the concert, we will begin a procedure in the courts to claim 35-40 million dollars in damages. The cancellation… is not covered by any clause in the contract she signed with us”.

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