Jennifer Hudson is demanding an apology from gossip blog Bossip after they posted an article about her struggle to land a book deal about her weight loss. They alleged that publishing agents are more interested in the 2008 slaughters of her family members than her new weight loss. The 29-year-old has been pitching the book to U.S. publishers for a reported $1 million. However, certain editors have claimed that publishing agents are reportedly hesitant to offer a deal without details of the tragic murders. This has infuriated the singer provoking her to plunge into an f-bomb curse fest on twitter. “Some things are priceless. How low can people go? I just don’t get it. Stop making up sh*t!!! Everyday I wake up I’m constantly reminded how cruel and heartless the world is. Bossip, you owe me an apology! Why would you take someone’s tragedy and build a story of nothing but lies around it? F*ck you!!!!”

It’s clear Hudson has zero intention of discussing the deep trauma of 2008’s events before she’s ready.

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