Actress Jennifer Hudson was on the red carpet but, she may want to burn these pics… She was spotted at The Chicago Film Festival in Chicago with Movie Director and Chicago native George Tillman, Jr. The actress’ new film, an urban drama, centers around two young boys from the Brooklyn projects who are left to fend for themselves on the streets after their unreliable parents are arrested.

Oscar winning Jennifer plays the role of Gloria, a heroin addict who cannot cope with taking care of her 14-year-old son, Mister, played by Skylan Brooks.

The gritty film by director George Tillman Jr addresses the everyday issues faced by at-risk children and has received rave reviews by critics.

Tillman Jr, who also directed Soul Food and Notorious, was not only present for the premiere of his latest film but was also honored with a Career Achievement award at the Chicago event.

Jennifer Hudson Chi Film Fest

1Jennifer Hudson Chi Film Fest

2Jennifer Hudson Chi Film Fest

3Jennifer Hudson Chi Film Fest

4Jennifer Hudson Chi Film Fest

George Tillman Jr

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