At one point it looked like Jennifer Hudson and her baby daddy David Otunga were moving in the right direction in regards to their ongoing custody battle over their 8-year-old son, David Otunga, Jr. but now it’s clear that’s not the case!

According to Blast, Jhud claims David is out here leaking false stories to the press, but she says in the end he’s only hurting himself because she’s the breadwinner of the family.

Jennifer claims Otunga, or his team, is out here telling the press that he won primary custody of their son, which she says is an alternative fact. She said she only dropped the order of protection against David because he agreed to pack his bags and bounce up out of the family home that’s in her name.

She’s also accusing him of trying his best to make her look bad in the news, which she says is harmful to their child and her brand.

Sis decided to shade her baby father by explaining that without her coins they would be broke, and described his career goals as “voluntary underemployment.”

Jennifer wants the court to stop Otunga from speaking about her to the press or anything regarding the custody battle over their son. She said back in August he signed an agreement to keep his mouth, but now he claims the signature isn’t his.

To add more fire to this burning flame, she wants David found in contempt and wants the court to make him release a statement saying he never won custody and basically admit that he lied.

Chile, the tea is hot on this Good Thursday.

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