Teaming up with Super Producer Timbaland this time around our Chi-town girl Jennifer Hudson gets hood with it…So, we’re gonna refer to her as J. Hud! The bass heavy track is also sensual.



J Hud’s talking that ish to an interested guy who’s trying to lay her down. She sings on the track, “Hey baby, hey hey hey, can we reschedule, we can do this another day day day, F-ck it! Let’s do this today!”

She also sings:

If I didn’t know no better I would think you were flirting
Whispering them sweet nothings in my ear
Giving me excuses just to get up in here
Now, Boy you talking good sh-t
And I swear you could get it
I’m a good girl, got a thing about my image
Would give it to you but I’m sorry
I’m just not anybody

Peep the track below…

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