Chicago’s own Jennifer Hudson is beefing with Barbara Walters for trashing her fiance, David Otunga, on The View. 


Hudson left the show in tears after Barbara asked whether her hubby-to-be paid for Jennifer’s engagement ring. Jennifer said “yes” and flashed her spar­kler, but she broke down backstage, according to a source.

“Jennifer was really angry with Barbara for asking something so personal and trying to embarrass her and David,” said an insider.

“Even though Jennifer earns more than David, he does pretty well, and she doesn’t like it when someone implies he’s mooching off her.

“Jennifer felt it was an insulting crack.
“She had tears in her eyes as she talked about how tired she is of defending herself and David, and she said Barbara should know better. Jennifer has vowed that she won’t appear on The View again until after Barbara retires.”

Do you agree with Jennifer?

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  1. This isn’t the first time Barbara has intimated that Jennifer’s men were somehow less than equal in the money making department. She did it to Jennifer with her previous boyfriend after she won the Oscar. What she needs to do is tell her to stay in her lane!

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