Jenelle Evans is finally away from her two exes, Kieffer Delp and Gary Head, and has moved on with a man named Courtland Rogers. While the Teen Mom 2 star may have history with the other two men, she and Courtland have something else in common- they both have kids!

Courtland has a daughter named Jordan, but unfortunately, he doesn’t get to see her too often. He and the little girl’s mother sharecustody of the girl and their relationship isn’t the best so that makes visitation hard. However, fans were shocked when Jenelle tweeted a photo of the little girl with the caption, “Who’s ready for the new addition to our family. Lil miss Jordan Rogers <3 ;)” To many, it seemed as though the couple were ready to take on the responsibilty of caring for the girl full time.

However, only a few days later, the girl was back with her mother, but why?

Jordan’s mother, Taylor, claimed (via Facebook) that the couple took the little girl and that they refused to give her back. There have been allegations that the Teen Mom 2 star and her boyfriend kidnapped the little girl, but Jenelle says that is just not true

 In fact, she took to her Twitter account to clear up the rumors saying :
“Courtlands baby mama said we stole her daughter. It’s not called stealing when both parents have half custody in NC. She smoked crack and Handed his daughter over to Courtlands sister at 2am. Her whole family is fucked up Her dad is in prison, mother stripper, GRANDMA locked up. There’s the truth everyone. If we knew where Courtlands daughter was at this moment we would go get her, but guess he has to go to court… And his baby mama will NOT tell us where she is. Last time we knew she was at a crackheads house with like 5 dudes. 🙁 sad…”

People were curious as to why Jenelle said anything at all to whichs he replied , “The only reason I said something. Is becuz rumors r going around saying we kidnapped her? Lmfao wow really? F*** that.”

Courtland seems to be taking things especially hard tweeting, “i miss my little girl so bad !!!!! i need her with me RIGHT NOW !! i am so worried about her being with her mom!! i gotta rescue her!!!HELP”

This is a sad situation to be in, but is gaining custody of the little girl really the best idea?

Jenelle Evans has not yet regained custody of her son, Jace, despite claiming she could pass a drug test with flying colors. Not only that, wouldn’t Jace feel left out if he saw his mother fighting to get custody of another child before him? If little Jordan’s life is unstable with her mother then, by all means, something needs to be done. Both Jace and Jordan deserve to live in happy and stable homes!