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As her Reality Show disc sitting atop the charts, Jazmine Sullivan gets “real” in a new interview where she opens up about being abused and reveals what she’s learned about love. More inside…

R&B lovers exhaled when Jazmine Sullivan dropped her brand new album, Reality Show. a few days ago, and it promptly landed at the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s R&B Albums (still currently No. 1), and No. 2 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Now that she’s ready to dive back into the business, she’s talking to & and starring in their latest Digital Cover Shoot. Shot on location in NYC, Jazmine talks about taking a three-year hiatus between her beloved debut album, Fearless in 2008 and this year’s Reality Show, as well as how she survived an abusive relationship and what she’s leaned about love. Check the highlights:

On The Infamous Tweet that announced her leaving the Music Industry
“I told everybody, including my Mom, Dad and management and everything all via Twitter. Everybody was mad at me. [They were] like if you were going to stop at least you could’ve called.”

Why she left The Music Industry

“A lot of people think that the pressure of the industry and–you know–my weight and everything, kind of made me stop… and me feeling like I was getting the short end of the stick. But that was not it at all. That had a little bit to do with it but a lot of it was that I was dealing with my own mess in my own life, personally, and it all just happened to be too much and I had to stop.”

On Surviving Domestic Abuse

“For a long time, I kind of kept away from everybody. When you know you’re not right, and you know you’re not doing something right, you try to stay away from people who will tell you that.”

“It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to say it. I went through a lot of guilt myself, like, should I expose this? Am I being petty by talking about it? It’s a lot of feelings that women have in regards to this. But, [I realized] this can possibly help somebody to see that someone that they look up to, or listen to, or are a fan of have actually been through it, and not only have I been through it, but I came out of it. I just felt like it’s a part of my story so why not share it? I’m the face of my own situation. I don’t know if I can be the face for everybody, but I definitely want to share my story the way I’ve experienced it and I hope people can learn from it like I have.”

On Love

“I’m literally figuring things out day by day just like everyone else. People think I know about love more than I actually do. I love love and I’m always on a quest to figure out men and how relationships work and why they don’t work and stuff like that. But I don’t know shit.”

Jazmine and her Reality Show are hitting the road March 1. Check the dates here.

In other entertainment spottings…..

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Former “BBW” star Jennifer Williams was there.

Russell Simmons entertained a couch full of beautiful women (as usual).

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Photos via Hello Beautiful/SFPL/Kass / Ken for The Brand Group

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