Are you a multimillionaire trying to figure out what to buy your other multimillionaire friends for the Holidays? Do your friends already own a $2,000 blanket and a $20,000 leather jacket? Are you trying to shop for the man that has everything? Well, thanks to Jay Z and Barneys New York, your hunt for the perfect gift is over! This week, Jay Z revealed his capsule collaboration with Barneys New York and the results are…expensive.


The rap mogul may have fallen a bit out of touch with his fan base, selling items like $995 tee shirts and $875 leather baseball caps. The collection also features a $4,500 blanket and a $58,000 jacket. Before you shell out the cash for a piece of Jay Z’s collection just know that it’s all non-refundable and you can’t get a store credit either. Critics of Jay Z think it’s distasteful that the rapper is selling clothing that costs more than the average American makes in one year, but the rapper disagrees because 100% of the proceeds are going straight to the Shawn Carter Foundation. We think that the rapper could have saved the time, money, and energy used to make these items and donated them all to his charity in the first place. Jay Z is worth $500 million and to him, these items are like stocking stuffers, but to the normal person, these are items that they could only dream about.

Gumbumpers, Is Jay Z losing touch with the people who made him who he is today or is he a marketing genius who will convince people to spend $33,900 on a watch?

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