Jay Z has 99 problems and Barneys is a big one.  A petition has been started that asks Jay Z to end his history-making holiday partnership.


The store made headlines this week after a black 19-year-old student and shopper Trayon Christian, who purchased a $350 Salvatore Ferragamo, was hand-cuffed, and questioned by the cops.

“It’s not fair . . . the two individuals who have had these experiences listen to Jay Z and Beyoncé, who wear designer clothes. These kids also like nice things, and they were treated awfully,” Elie said.

One has to wonder how does Jay-Z feel about the profiling going on at Barneys.

Do you feel if Jay was just plain ol Shawn Carter from Marcy, he’d probably receive the same treatment Christian and Phillips received?

I believe black artist get profile also, they just kind of keep it to themselves.

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