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Roc Nation is making some big moves. Find out about Jay Z’s big-baller purchase of a Scandinavian-music streaming company and see Roc Nation Sports star Skylar Diggins in SELF Magazine.

Business mogul Jay Z (40/40 Club sports bars, Rocawear clothing, and sports agency Roc Nation Sports, Armand de Brignac, etc.) just made another boss move, expanding his empire into music streaming.

Reuters reports that Jay’z company, Project Panther Bidco., spent $56 Million acquiring Aspiro, a Scandinavian music streaming company. Following the purchase, Jay said he saw Aspiro as “an innovative high-quality company with strong future growth potential.”

The music biz is on high alert because Jay’s new company could potentially challenge the dominance of other streaming services (e.g. Spotify) in the future.

Hmm…..we can already imagine Aspiro streaming Beyonce’s next “surprise” release. By the way, we can only wonder if anti-Spotify chick Taylor Swift was meeting with Jay and Justin Timberlake about this deal when they visited her house over a month ago.

On magazine racks…

While Jay Z makes big moves in the worlds of business and commerce, Roc Nation Sports artist Skylar Diggins is making a few moves of her own….on and off the court.

In the latest issue of SELF Magazine, the Tulsa Shock superstar opened up about the importance of warming up before every workout and how it has translated into success on the basketball court. Skylar credits the intense warm-up she tackles before every workout with helping transform her performance on the court.

“My warm-up is like other people’s workouts. It sets the tone. I tell myself, ‘This will be tough, but I’m going to get it done.’That mind-set gives my entire workout greater impact.”

Check out Skylar’s eight-minute routine:

Her Warm-Up

This eight-minute circuit, developed by Diggins’s trainer, Rick Freeman, will prime your body to push hard. (You can also do the routine four times and call it your workout.)

Get Moving
Do each move for 30 seconds with no rest in between.

Squat: Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms in front of you, back straight. Squat, making sure knees don’t extend past toes.

Jump Squat: Squat, then explode upward, arms overhead.

Raised Plank: Hold a raised push-up position, hands beneath shoulders, making sure shoulders, hips and ankles remain in a straight line.

Low Plank: Balance on forearms. Hold.

Reverse Lunge: With feet hip-width apart and hands on hips, lunge right leg back until right knee almost touches floor. Return to start. Switch sides; repeat.

Reverse-Jump Lunge: Lunge each leg back, jumping to switch feet.

Three-Point Plank: Start in a raised plank. Every five seconds, raise, extend and hold one limb (right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm) while keeping the others planted.

Burpee: With feet hip-width apart, crouch down and plant hands on floor under shoulders. Jump feet into a plank; hop feet back to hands and jump up to start.

Boost Your Agility
Step Out: With feet hip-width apart and a resistance band around ankles, step right foot at a 45-degree angle as far as you can. Return to start. Continue for 20 seconds. Switch sides; repeat. Then step right foot forward; return to start. Continue for 20 seconds. Switch sides; repeat. Finally, squat, then step right foot as far right as you can. Step left foot to right to return to hip-width. Shuffle right for 20 seconds. Then shuffle left for 20 seconds.

Increase Your Range of Motion

Windmill: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned left 45 degrees, right hand extended overhead. Pop right hip out to side as though you’re balancing something heavy, bending left knee slightly. Keep back straight, core engaged and chest open as you bend to left from your waist, turning your gaze to right hand and extending left hand between feet. Return to start. Continue for 30 seconds. Switch sides; repeat.

Open Your Hips
Leg Drop: Lie faceup with left leg extended. Loop a resistance band under toes of right foot and raise right leg to ceiling, foot flexed. Keep right leg straight as you slowly lower it to right as far as is comfortable; hold 15 seconds. Return to start; lower right leg to left; hold. Repeat with left leg.

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