Wow, not sure how I feel about this one! Oh-kayyyy… But, Janay Rice wife of Football player Ray Rice decided to take an interview to try and set the record straight for her man. She sat on the couch with Matt Lauer. The interview took place in the couple’s Maryland home.



According to TMZ, NBC was hoping to talk to Ray Rice since he was home, but the interview is focused on Janay.

With cameras setup in her Maryland home, Janay Palmer — the woman Ray KO’d in the elevator back in February — invited over a local company that specializes in photo shoots to gussy her up.

It’s clear that Janay and Ray want it to look like the interview is all about Janay — but our NBC sources tell us Ray is the main reason they want this interview. And, our sources say Ray WILL be participating in some way even though his people say he is not yet committed.

We’re told Ray was at the home when Janay went on camera.

Hmmm… A company called Franchon Parlour posted a pic on their Facebook page of Janay being prepped and getting ready for the spotlight.


Matt Lauer confirms the interview with TMZ reporters:

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