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President Obama’s historical Jamaica trip has come and gone. Check out where he visited inside, including the Bob Marley museum, plus his Wah Gwan Jamaica greeting….

President Obama became the first sitting US President, since Ronald Reagan in 1982, to visit Jamaica. And his 2-day trip was jammed packed. He and the entire staff rented out a resort property and made tons of stops around the island before leaving out for Panama (pictured above).

President Barack Obama and Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller took in the rainbow after a full day of chopping it up about politics and diplomacy.

And Prez O attended a ‘town hall’ meeting at the University of West Indies in Kingston yesterday….and gave a traditional Jamaican Patois greeting, “Greetings massive! Wha gwan Jamaica?”. Check it above.

The day of his arrival, he stopped by the Bob Marley Museum for a few minutes and reminisced as he looked at a wall of framed records saying,
“I still have all the albums.” Loves it.

Obama stopped at Jamaica House to answer reporter question and to meet with the Prime Minister:

Discussions of how the U.S. can be “an even more constructive partner” to Jamaica, and concerns about keeping US guns out of the country.

White House photographer Pete Souza shared a pic of Mr. President flying over the Panama Canal before another historical trip today. By the way, Obama told the crowd at the Kingston Town Hall that he’s bringing First Lady Michelle and the First Kids with him for the next visit.

Photos: Getty/Pete Souza

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