Recently Jamie Foxx made a visit to Howard Stern’s radio show, where he shared an interesting story on how Oprah Winfrey helped him get his life on the right track.

During the interview, Jamie Foxx confessed to excessively drinking and partying back in 2005. He then talks about getting a call from Oprah where he says she said, “All of this gallivanting and all this kind of sh*t that’s not what you want to do. I want to take you somewhere. So it will make you understand the significance of what you’re doing.”

He then continues to say that they go to Quincy Jones’ house where he greeted with some kind of intervention.

Jamie said, “So we go in the house and it’s all these old actors, black actors from the 60’s and 70’s, who look like they just want to say ‘good luck,’ they wanna say, ‘don’t blow it.’”

Oprah then points him in the direction of legendary actor Sidney Poitier, where he grew emotional. In their discussion, Foxx mentions that Poiter complimented him on his work in the film, “Ray,” and also made him realize that everything was bigger than him.


Check out the interview below:

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