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Jamie Foxx is responding to his lackluster performance of the National Anthem before the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao mega fight over the weekend. Find out what he said inside…

We all know Jamie Foxx can sing. But he definitely missed the mark while singing the National Anthem before the “Fight of the Century” on Saturday. And now, he’s giving us the scoop on what went down.

The actor/singer/comedian stopped by the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” today to break down what went wrong during his performance. He said his inner ears (ear pieces singers use to hear the music and themselves during performances) fell out and he was unable to hear the organ playing due to the loud crowd. He said,

“But what did happen in the ring, my ears came out. My inner ears. My inner ears came out, and I’m singing with an organ so I can’t hear what the organ is doing with the big crowd. So some of it was a little off, but I think in the arena, it killed. The telecast was a little off. But ya know, we still love America.”

Following his performance, he thought he nailed it. The 47-year-old star told Entertainment Tonight everyone told him he sounded amazing, so he didn’t think anything of it until he saw the backlash online and watched his performance. He spilled,

“I…saw Denzel Washington [and] he was like, ‘That was amazing,'” Foxx says. “Jim Gray was like, ‘You nailed it, it was the best.’ Then when we looked on the Internet or somebody told me about the Internet [and] they said, ‘Oh people are really clowning you.’ Then when I listened I said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re off. In the stadium, you would have thought I was getting a standing ovation but the telecast it was different — it was so off,” the actor admits.

Peep his interview with Ellen below:

And in case you missed his performance, check it below:

It’s ok Jamie, we’ll let you slide on this one. Since Floyd recently revealed he would give Manny a rematch next year, maybe he can redeem himself then….

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