It all started with a simple tweet Monday from Eagles green-haired cornerback Jalen Mills. 

It was more of a challenge. 

From there, things have gotten a little crazy. Just scroll through Mills’ Twitter account and you’ll see dozens of retweeted photos that have been sent to Mills from fans. 

How many have come his way so far? 

“Man, I don’t know,” Mills said Saturday. “A couple thousand maybe. My Twitter feed is super crazy right now. Just by that, the fans showing how much they embrace the green hair, but at the same time, how much they embrace this Philly team.”

People have sent photos of their kids, their beards, even their dogs with green dye. It seems Mills has started a fashion trend in Philadelphia, at least for the next week. 

After impressing coaches during OTAs last season, Mills showed up to his rookie training camp sporting a new green hairstyle. Back in the summer of 2016, he said the green hairdo came about while he was joking with friends, but he ended up liking it. Now, it’s become his hallmark and has given him the nickname Green Goblin. He plans on keeping his green hair for as long as he’s an Eagle. 

He’s had it for so long, it’s almost hard to remember him without it. 

For a while now, he’s heard promises from Eagles fans who claim they were prepared to go green too. 

“I got it all the time, every week,” he said. “‘When you guys keep winning, when you go to the playoffs, go to the Super Bowl, I’m going to dye my hair green.’ So for sure, I had to call them out on it.” 

Fans have been filling his phone with their own green hair for the past week and Mills said he absolutely loves it. Really, he loves the support from fans in general. They’ve supported him as a seventh-round pick who has grown into a battle-tested starter. 

It’s not just Philly fans who have been supporting the Eagles. It’s become obvious there are many fans around the country who will be pulling for the Birds in the Super Bowl. A lot of them are probably just sick of seeing the Patriots win, but Mills has a different theory. 

“I think the adversity we fought through all year, as far as injuries,” he said. “We lost our starting running back, our starting left tackle, our starting quarterback, our starting special teams player. We lost a lot of key guys on this team and for the same time, the last five or six weeks, we were labeled the underdogs. Everybody had us losing and we just continue to keep fighting.”


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