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Jada Pinkett Smith twirled through Miami with the cast of Magic Mike XXL while Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson worked through their “Shame.” Check it all out inside…

Fabulous glam goddess Jada Pinkett Smith showed up in Miami yesterday lokng gorgeous in white as the cast of her upcoming feature “Magic Mike XXL” received a star on the Miami Walk of Fame.

Why Miami? If you haven’t seen Magic Mike (stop pretending!) you know those sexy boys got their start at a strip club in Miami. So it makes sense. And all of Jada’s co-stars (including the delicious Channing Tatum & hot Joe Manganiello) were on hand. Unfortunately….their shirts stayed on.

Miss Jada worked it as only she can….

During a new interview with Daily Beast, Jada explained why she signed up for the skin-flick.

“The selling point for me was when Channing said, ‘There’s a way in which men and women can engage in this erotic, sensual atmosphere and it be fun and responsible. The idea that Channing, who has been part of this industry before and is now an influential movie star, wants to use this as an opportunity to elevate the energy of this particular world and try to inject it with responsibility—I thought, that is a radical idea.”

Werk Jada!

Magic Mike XXL takes it all off (across the nation) on July 1st.

In new music clips…

Tyrese teams with Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson on “Shame” off his album Black Rose, out July 10. The video, which is directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Denzel Washington, stars Tyrese in a confessional with a minister. The entire music video consists of flashbacks to Tyrese’s character treating Jennifer badly.

Speaking to Billboard, Tyrese said,

“Black Rose is my most intimate album, it’s my most vulnerable album, and it’s my most honest album. Most of the people that hear it compare it to Confessions by Usher, because when you’re just being honest saying, ‘Through my flaws and my shortcomings and relationships I lied, I cheated, I this and I that,’ whatever your story is or your scenarios, it goes back to blues. The reason why blues will be around forever is because people have to sing their most honest song or it just will be ineffective.”

Check out the clip above. SIDEBAR – this will be Tyrese’s LAST R&B solo album….are you shedding tears?

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