Did you watched the BET Awards? well then you probably noticed Lil Willow Smith sitting front row looking like a rock star.  Over the past few months, she has been rocking a funky new hair style which has had folks comparing her to the likes of Cassie, Rihanna and Amber Rose.

 Jada Pinkett Smith was on George Lopez recently and responded to critics who have slammed her for allowing Willow to shave the sides of her head. She explained that the cut came about because her daughter wanted “hair like her grandmother’s”.

“She decided, ‘I want hair like my grandmother’s.’ I said ‘Willow, grandma has no hair – you have to have some hair.’ And she said, “Mom I’m really tired of the hair. I just really feel I’d like it to get in the pool. I want it to swim. I just don’t want to be bothered with the hair.’” After discussing it with husband Will, Willow was given permission to shave the sides of her head.

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