Actor Jackie Chan could face a lifetime jail term if he is found guilty of illegal possession of weapons.


The Hollywood star revealed in a recent media interview that, years ago, he was once surrounded by 20 gangsters holding long knives. To protect himself, he says he bought three guns and six grenades.

If he did, he shouldn’t have done, according to Hong Kong law.

Jackie explained that Hong Kong’s showbiz world used to be controlled by the triads.

“In the past, when they bullied me, I hid in the United States,” Chan said. “They opened fire at me once I got off the plane.From that moment on, I needed to carry a gun every day when I went out.”

Then in another amazing tale, the actor said 20 gang members — armed with machetes — once surrounded him at dinner.

“I pulled out a gun, and had two more concealed,” he said. “I told them they had been going too far and that I had been hiding from them. Later on, I confronted them with two guns and six grenades.”

Chan didn’t elaborate or say when these attacks happened.

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