The views and opnions expressed here are the not the views of Gumbumper. They are the views of Alyssa K. who is entitled to her personal opinion. HOLLER BACK!!

No, I’m not talking about her being a weirdo because, of course, that’s the norm now (side eye). I’m talking about the fact that she is listed in this “Vogue” article as being 29, when I distinctly remember her being 25.

And yes, I am fully aware of her real age being revealed back when she and her man servant, SB, got into that little “rift” at that hotel. My whole thing is what is the point of lying about your age? Is it really to appeal to a younger audience? Or is it because you know you look dumb, and saying you’re younger justifies said dumbness…in your mind? I say just be honest.

No one cares if you’re really an old hoe with a child’s brain, Nicki. We care that you suck, and more than likely, have a mental disease. Either way, you’re annoying. But people seem to love you. I guess. So swing over to people, and check out the interview. Nicki reveals that she previously wanted to be a lawyer. Girl…

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