According to online reports, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal used his son to deliver death threats to his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

The skeptics among us might call this Shaunie O’Neal’s attempt to boost ratings for her new reality show, Basketball Wives, which debuted at #2 in the urban reality show ratings race.

    What Chilli Wants: 1.631 milliion  Basketball Wives: 1.581 millionBrandy & Ray J – A Family Business: 1.417 million

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Shaq allegedly ordered his youngest son to tell Shaunie’s new man that daddy is going to kill him. Sounds like he was joking to me, but then again, I wasn’t there.

In a document obtained by TMZ, Shaunie O’Neal claims her ex-husband told their six-year-old son to deliver death threats to her new boyfriend.

Shaunie’s lawyers sent a letter to Shaq’s legal team claiming the NBA legend told his son Shaqir to tell mom’s boyfriend that dad was going to kill him.

“Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!,” he told the scared child, according to the letter.

The documents also claim that the basketball star “interrogated” the couple’s children about mom’s new man.

Shaunie’s legal team is demanding that her ex-husband no longer undertake “inappropriate discussions” with their brood.

On Wednesday, Shaq’s lawyers sent a latter to VH1 demanding that the network no longer air “Basketball Wives” episodes that make reference to him.

His ex-wife, who is an executive producer on the show, reportedly signed a confidentially agreement barring her from discussing their relationship on the show.

The O’Neals were married in December 2002 and have four children together.

Source: Sandra Rose

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