Khia is on her grind while drumming up publicity for her upcoming album Motor Mouf.   Her latest stint is a sex columnist on the website In her first column, she has tips for the ladies on how to handle a one-minute man:
*warning: explicit*

Fifty percent [of a relationship] is love and the other 50% is sex, so if he’s only lasting sixty seconds, it’s not gonna work.

A man should always have enough discipline to control his orgasm. There’s no way you can please her if as soon as you get in, you’re cumming all over the place. [That means] you don’t have enough respect or love for her to wait. He needs to jack off and get that first one out the way so we can have fun the second round.

Usually what starts the blast [is that the man] gives good head and by the time he puts it in, he’s so ready to blast off and it takes away from the sex. So even if he goes down on you really, really good, maybe he needs to blast off while he’s giving the head, let it get hard again and work it out. Read more

Source: NB

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