Before people completely crucify #JordynWoods for allegedly hooking up with the baby daddy of her best friend’s older sister, it sounds like she reportedly is remorseful for her actions, which she’s blaming on the alcohol.

Jordyn may have been drunk beyond memory when she made out and snuggled up to #TristanThompson and sources close to her told @TMZ_tv that she’s been begging #KylieJenner and #KhloeKardashian for forgiveness.

According to the sources, Jordyn was allegedly so drunk that she doesn’t even remember how she got to the house party or what happened there.

The sources claim that Jordyn started crying when she was told what she did. Apparently Jordyn rarely drinks, but when she does, it usually ends badly, and this time clearly took the cake, as it had detrimental results.

Roommates, are you buying Jordyn’s story and do you think the Kardashian/Jenner clan should forgive her? Let us know!

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