While female politicians certainly bear the brunt of public scrutiny when it comes to wardrobe choices, fashion is a tool that male politicians have at their disposal, too, and one that can communicate strength, dominance – or the opposite. Donald Trump was filmed asking photographers to make him look ‘handsome and thin’, and goes to pains with his appearance – and while he’s often accused of going to too many with his hair and tan, Jeremy Corbyn seems to have the opposite problem. The Labour leader appeared to have put no thought at all into the outfit he wore to the Cenotaph on Remembrance day. While everyone else dressed in funereal black out of respect, Corbyn’s sporty anorak struck the wrong chord. But how do politicians strike the right one?

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Is it sexist to talk about the PM’s necklace collection? And can the right coat really help push a political agenda? 

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