Wow eight days before voters go to the polls, a strengthening hurricane Sandy has blown the presidential campaign off course. Both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have canceled appearances. Both are directing their supporters to donate to the Red Cross. Early voting has been suspended in some states.  

But don’t get it twisted,  politics stops for almost nothing this close to Election Day. Campaigns ads are still running on TV. And even as both candidates focus on hurricane preparedness, their campaigns are also continuing to press their advantages and seek to minimize the potential political losses that could come from the mammoth East Coast storm.

Obama urged people in the path of the storm to obey to local authorities, and evacuate if instructed. He didn’t mention the election until asked by a reporter.

Do you think the storm carries a political risk for Obama? If something major goes wrong in the response, it will be on his head.

If Obama stumbles over storm response this close to the election, it could seal his fate on Nov. 6. So Mr. Romney could benefit, but only if the president is seen to fail. Romney could also hurt himself if he comes across as overtly political.


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