The infamous OJ Simpson murder case has taken an unexpected twist with a new documentary claiming that a serial killer called Glen Rogers murdered OJ’s ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

The documentary, created by a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel, claims that the convicted killer Rogers confessed to having been paid by OJ himself to break into Nicole Brown’s home and steal a pair of valuable earrings, worth $20,000.

Rogers, who is said to be responsible for somewhere between 70 and 80 murders across the USA, also claimed OJ instructed him to kill “the bitch” if he had to. Rogers is said to have already been familiar with OJ’s wife, having socialised with her when he moved from Ohio to Los Angeles.The new documentary, produced by Investigation Discovery, is entitled ‘My Brother the Serial Killer’ and features extensive interviews with Roger’s brother Clay.

The New York Post adds:

Not only did Clay cooperate fully in this documentary, but he is the person who turned Glen in when he discovered a rotting corpse in the family’s broken down cabin in the woods in Hamilton, Minn.

The corpse was that of an elderly male neighbor, one of the very few men it turned out Glen had killed. At that moment, Clay realized that all those tall tales his brother had telling about killing 50 people were tragically true.

Since killing 50 people isn’t the kind of thing most people brag about, you’d have thought his brother would have figured it out, but he didn’t.

Then again, the whole family thought Glen was lying when the then-handsome lunatic told his family that he was “partying” with a woman in LA named Nicole Brown Simpson — just before she was murdered.



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