R&B singer Chris Brown may be behind bars, but that hasn’t stopped him from making music. The R&B superstar has collaborated with fellow inmate James DeBarge in jail.


According to TMZ, Breezy and James are being held in adjacent cells in a special section of the Los Angeles County jail reserved for high profile prisoners. Although they can’t see each other, the two spend their days collaborating vocally and have successfully penned at least three songs together.

What’s more, the Grammy winner and the DeBarge brother have inspired more inmates on their cell block to join in on the harmonies.

Now that’s music therapy.

The 50-year-old DeBarge, who famously wed Janet Jackson in 1984, is serving time for assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges.

Chris, was given 131 days after admitting that he violated probation the night of an alleged assault on a person attempting to photobomb a fan photo in Washington, D.C.

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