All that money Kim Kardahian has, she still isn’t good enough to hang with Beyoncé.  Over the weekend the two were attending the Made in America festival in Philadelphia with their men.  Kim and Beyoncé barely spoke to each other, they were on opposite sides of the stage. Sources are saying Beyoncé gave Kim a casual wave of the hand and said a dry “hello” and then kept walking. Also sources are saying Kim has given up trying to be Beyoncé friend, because the singer has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with the Kim.

Do you think Beyoncé is wrong?

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  1. I think Beyonce is right,Kim is a no talented black man chasing skank and she has no talent but yet she calls her self a celebrity..she cant sing, dance or act..cant understand why black men want to be seen with her especially after that sleazy sex tape…if you wasnt there thru the struggles..dont be there for the rewards…should be every black mans motto!

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