I guess folks are tired of Tyler Perry’s character Madea…. So, there is a new boycott brewing on social media to protest Tyler Perry’s new film Madea Christmas…..


Now, you know how one-dimensional folks can be. A movie has got to be this way or that way and no in-between. In this case, because the aforementioned films are well made, cinematically beautiful, offer intelligent characters, and accurate historical references; it makes a movie like “A Madea Christmas” – which is unabashedly obnoxious; overweight with full-blown stereotypical characters, and themes that epitomize the  ridiculous, stand out like a pink elephant in the room. It’s like comparing raisins to succulent red grapes.

But does it have to mean we should boycott a movie like “Madea?” Is it fair to say that a movie like this has no place here, no right to be made? Can’t we be satisfied with more of a balance instead? After all, the reason why Tyler Perry keeps making these movies is because his audience pays to go see them. “Madea Goes to Jail” brought in $41 million.

But this is an old, boring argument for Perry. Remember fans petitioned for Kim Kardashian‘s removal from the Jurnee Smollett-Bell led “Temptation?Even though it wasn’t a Madea movie or a sequel of any kind, it still brought in $22.3 million. Nothing to sneeze at.

This newest boycott is an attempt to get Hollywood to green-light more high-brow black films. Good luck with that. It probably won’t make much of a dent in the psyche of those Hollywood execs who only see the bottom line. The moolah. The dinero. If it makes money, the investors are happy; they are not in the business to uplift a race.

Social media to try to convince millions of people out there NOT to see A Madea Christmas when it opens on Dec. 13th. Then the Hollywood studios will see that audiences want better black films like 12 Years A Slave and The Best Man Holiday which are doing very well at the box office, and not TP’s films which are played out.

Do you agree Gumbumpers?

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  1. Madea made $90.5 million at the box office domestically and its opening weekend grossed $41 million. Excellent read!

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