Tyrese Gibson

Our celebrity feature this week is Mr. Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese has been blazing the spotlight with his music, acting and modeling for years, and now he’s opening himself to the world with his very own book. We’re gonna take you back a bit and we’re give you the now!!

First we’re giving you a BLAST from the past and highlighting the start of Tyrese’s career… It all began here:

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Along with dozens of other media and blog representatives, Gumbumper, took part in Tyrese Gibson’s media press conference hosted by Grand Central Publishing. As usual, Tyrese did not disappoint with his more than insightful wisdom on such topics as dealing with his interactions on Twitter, his desire to acknowledge and praise God publicly, his intolerance of negative energy from those opposed to his tweets referring to God, how bloggers and media must report responsibly on celebrities, and his love for his 1.5 million followers that he so appropriately refers to as his “Love Circle.”

The interview started off with an opportunity for the author to speak to our spirits profoundly through his actions not just his words. The moment the interview began, he made everyone aware that he was certain that he was about to be pulled over by the police. Instead of him ending the call, he says, “I’m definitely getting pulled over” and asked that we not hang-up. While the officer was running his information including his OBAMA license plates, Tyrese proceeded to answer the first interview question. Because God is ALWAYS moving, he did not receive a ticket. The fact that he remained on the call with us is a testament of his character and dedication to his fans.

In fact, the actor, singer, entrepreneur, model and now author wrote his new book because he says God told him to write it. He looks at his twitter followers as his congregation. There is only so much that you can fit into 140 characters at a time on Twitter. To be able to experience the full impact of Tyrese’s profound movement to cause a shift in the universe and change lives by sharing what he’s learned on his journey to the position of GAME CHANGER and becoming the Master of his environment, I strongly urge you to purchase his book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way.”

As someone who loves to write but hates to read, informing you that “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” is a MUST read is major coming from me. This book will educate you on how NOT to block your blessings; how to grow through what you go through, how NOT to allow your circumstances define you and how to overcome the unthinkable. Before getting through the preface, prayer, message to youth and first chapter, “Childhood,” I had experienced every emotion imaginable and then some. The book is so well written that you don’t just read about the accounts of Tyrese’s life, you live through it…you FEEL through it. You will laugh, cry, get frustrated, become infuriated, be proud and literally be captivated by his story and strategic methods of informing you how to get out of your own way.

One night, Tyrese lead his then 1.3 million followers (he now has almost 1.6 million Twitter followers) on probably the most inspirational night ever on Twitter where everyone was sharing what it is that they need closure from. Tyrese pleaded with his followers, “if you can’t talk about it without crying, you still need closure.” He instructed everyone to share with him what they need closure from, and he would retweet it. He further urged those that have been through a similar situation to follow those troubled by issues they still need closure from. God was moving. Everyone involved could feel how powerful that moment was as we shed tears and uplifted each other throughout the night.

When I asked Tyrese had he found closure for what was plaguing him that night and how he went about getting that closure he tweets, “We are amongst a culture of people who will go ALL OUT to make you feel like sh!# for seeking HELP. Sexual abuse, molestation, rape, physical & emotional …Stop going to your homies for help…Go seek REAL HELP…you need the CLOSURE!!!! Dumb talk: ‘You going to see a shrink??’ Tell THEM yeah…To shrink this PAIN…it’s unbearable. Please listen to me on this people.”
He further reveals, “Here’s my public confession…As much as I know I’m always more afraid of what I DON’T KNOW, I’ve been in therapy for 3 months now! #Power. I have smart and very brilliant friends, but I had to seek REAL HELP for closure so that I can meet an even BETTER version of ME!!”

As always, he selflessly shifts the focus off of him and on to others needing help while giving God all the credit. “I can’t tell you how powerful I feel that I just shared that with you…God bless you!! God bless you!! May God continue to bless you!! God can heal a broken heart and spirit. You just have to be willing to show up with all the pieces #GodisMoving.” He genuinely wants better for you even if you don’t want it for yourself.

It’s no wonder that some of the most influential, spiritual and inspirational leaders of greatness such as Will Smith, Deepak Chopra, Spike Lee, Tavis Smiley, John Hope Bryant, Russell Simmons and Rev Run are speaking highly of Tyrese and his book. “How to Get Out of Your Own Way,” as Tyrese so eloquently puts it, is not just a book that he wrote. He wrote LIFE.

Recently, @Tash1216 asked Tyrese how he felt about his book being a NY Times Best Seller…His answer was

“My book becoming a NY Times Best Seller was pure determination and hustle.”

To inhale this refreshing breath of life, read the reviews and purchase the book HERE:

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