Boy groups come and go in the industry. But, today we think we’re highlighting a group that may be here to stay. Given their association; and that association is one that produces nothing but hits; from Jaheim, Next, Luther Vandross, Zhane, Naughty By Nature, Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah and the list can go on for days…. Kaygee known as the DJ of the chart-topping, legendary rap group Naughty By Nature is leading the charge with his hype, young, fresh and super-talented boy group Elite.

They are sure to be a household name!!

We (Gumbumper) had the chance to bump gums with the guys, we got in a lot of laughs, insight on who they are, what they stand for and lastly while they will be here.

Let’s start this one off with a video……Enjoy!!

Gumpers and be SURE to tell us what you realllly think about Elite!

– GumbumpingLady

ELITE – We R Young (music video)

Who is Elite?

ELITE is Chaz Mack, Boxie and KO. Wavy, Flexin, Cool in that order. ELITE is a movement and a family. Brought together by Kaygee of Naughty by Nature.
Entertaining. Ladies. Is. Too. Easy.

How old are you?

Young 20’s! Chaz is 20, KO is 21 and Boxie is 22.

Where are you from?

I’m from Brooklyn but I reside in the ATL right now. KO is from Minneapolis, Mn (Twin Cities). Boxie is from Jamaica Queens.

What made you choose music?

We all came from different life situations and obstacles. It seemed like music chose us.

What label are you on?

Right now we’re not on a major label. We’re creating our own movement and wave with Kaygee. We’re free agents as of now until the right situation is put on the table.

Tell us how Elite came about

ELITE was brought together by mistake. All three of us were solo acts coming up and started making noise in our home towns and also we’re we were located. All under the direction of Kaygee, we did one recording together and the rest is history.

Do you produce and/or write your own material?

Our debut project Wavy Flexin Cool was written by us, produced by Kaygee and the rest of our team. #TeamELITE

Who are you compared to most?

Our group is mostly compared to the groups of the 90’s. BBD, NEXT, JODECI, even TLC… ect ect. Once the world really gets to know us they’ll see there’s really no comparison. We our own breed

Do you like the comparison?

We like the comparison because the groups we’re compared to are all successful. In actuality, we learned from these groups and took it to a new level.

Is there anyone you would love to work with?

Everybody! We’re artist and we want to grow as much as we can.

What’s life like for Elite since you guys are becoming this overnight sensation?

Life is regular. I don’t feel like we’re an overnight sensation We’re just getting started. Life is life aha

Tell us something that no one knows about Elite

The one thing that nobody knows yet is that we’re a show group. You love our music now but wait until you see us in action. We pride ourselves more on our show and appearance more then anything else in the music industry.

What sets Elite apart from the average boy group?

We’re a boy group but separate as well. All of us were solo until we were brought together by Kaygee. We all saw the opportunity to be the next big thing when we found out that there was too much talent within one group. We play our roles but we also can hold our own.

ELITE – Squeakin (song)

What can we expect from Elite in the near future?

Good music, consistency, and nothing BUT ELITE. The world can expect everything from us.

Who do you look up to and why?

We look up to our team and our family. They have been there and still doing it to this day. Being under them and learning from them is the best thing any of us could’ve asked for.

Are you guys crushing on any female celebrities? If so, who. (Don’t be shy) lol

AHA There’s a lot to name, we’re wild boys. All we do is crush.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 – 7 years?

In 5 to 7 years we’re trying to be on top. We know what we want to do now but we don’t know our full potential yet. In 5 to 7 years we’re going to be PROBLEM.

Tell us how you came to the attention of Kaygee?

It all happened by chance. We all met Kaygee from 3rd parties. When he saw us though, Kaygee capitalized on the opportunity to build again and make a name for us. Spreading his knowledge and teachings with us.

What role does he play in your career?

That’s our manager, that’s our mentor. Kaygee is our supervisor. Making sure the young boys stay on track.

What advice would you give to others trying to make it in the music biz?

ELITE – 21 and over (song)


Keep pushing, don’t ever give up, as the youth all we got is time. Straight up!

Is music is for you guys? TV/Film, Movies, Producing?? Tell us.


Believe me when I say that music is only a slice of the pie. We will be in your face and into everything once everything picks up. No time to sleep and stand still.

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ELITE – Stare Into the Sun (song)