As you guys know I recently did an interview with Desiree Rogers at the AT&T 28 Days event in Chicago. I was even able to catch up wit’cha boy Common who was the host of the event. …AND I was able to get out one quick question. 🙂

I have you know…. It was a good question though — LOL!

So, gumbumper’s…. don’t be laughing at me cuz I only got a one-shot, hit it and quit it with Common.

I did this for yall…….. Ha.ha.ha.

About the event: AT&T recently held its 28 Days speaker series event in Chicago, III at the Park West Theatre on Thursday, Feb. 23. Now in its fourth year, the AT&T 28 Days campaign celebrates Black History Month and aims to motivate consumers to use their voice, share their vision and move into action this February and throughout the year. The Chicago event was hosted by award-winning hip hop artist, actor, author and activist Common and featured an inspirational message from innovative leader and bold visionary, Desiree Rogers. The 28 Days speaker series consists of a seven city tour that showcases some of today’s influential and respected leaders offering their own unique perspectives on how consumers can shape their own future. To see the full schedule of speakers and AT&T 28 Days speaker series tour stops, visit: 28 Days!
So peep my interview……

Alyssa: Besides the book, what else can we expect from you next?


Well some of the next projects that I’m involved in is an Independent film that I served as a producer and starred in. It’s called “Love.” It was selected to be in the Sundance Film Festival, and we did really well there. So, it got picked up, and it will be released at some point this year.

It stars me, and a young man named Michael Rainey Jr., Danny Glover, Dennis Haysbert, Lonnette McKee, and Michael K. Williams from “The Wire.” So, I’m excited about that film. Also, a movie called “Pawn” starring Forrest Whitaker, Michael Chiklis, and Ray Liota. It’s a cool Indie that we did that may be coming out through a studio. That’s some of the film projects that I’ve done that will most likely be out this year.

Oh, and another Disney film called “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.” I played a soccer coach in that so that was kind of fun. Along with that I plan on doing more music. I’m working on a GOOD Music album with Kanye and Big Sean. Kid Cudi, you know the GOOD Music family- Pusha and John Legend. All of us are working on that.

Also, I’m looking forward to producing more film and television shows.

That was it yall!!! Common answered MY question the long way!

It was a good answer that was very informational. You guys be sure to pick up his book “One Day It’ll All Make Sense,” if you haven’t done so already. It’s a good read.

Common has come a long way and has proved that he has staying power.

Check out the flix below….

I’m out…. Alyssa K.

Yeah, um huh…. That’s ME… U see my head? lol

Common even took the time to show support for the 7 year-old author LaNiyah Bailey who wrote the book “Not Fat Because I Wanna Be”